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Today’s one of the best whole-home control systems made specially for you and your comfort. The benefits of this excellent system is

  1. Controlled by a single app and fantastically designed remote
  2. Has a great design for all kind of spaces
  3. Gives control of all your home systems such as
  • Whole-Home Audio, Lighting, Climate, Shades, Interfaces, Speakers, Hosts


This remote is all you need.

One of the main features of this device is that it now works with Apple’s Siri voice control. That means using Siri you are able to control both Apple TV and all Apple’s Homekit. The second feature that must be mentioned is this remote can work with other brands as well such as Sony, Sonos, Roku and more. With this remote you can have an easy and fast access to your favorite music or TV shows. Each of your family members can have their profiles with their favorite TV shows and music.

Savant Multistate

More than just a climate control.

This modern and elegant touchscreen multistate display the temperature outside and inside. You can schedule the climate control routine across the seasons. This multistate has sensors that monitor the inside and outside temperature, humidity and air return vents and accordingly chooses the right climate for you. This multistate has the function “Scene”. Imagine just a voice control “Relax” and it dims the lights, closes the shades and turns on your favorite playlist and lights the gas fireplace.

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