At Armtech Services, we are professionals when it comes to the installation of residential safety systems, lighting systems, home theater systems, and general home automation. We see our customer’s design and work with it. Our services include low voltage wiring, camera installation, and multi-room controls among others. Armtech ensures that all that is required for your comfort at home is provided.

Home Installation Excellence

Are you looking for a company that is professional in carrying out residential projects?

Here at Armtech Services, we have gotten the hallmark of excellence in that regard. We have renowned brands that trust us with their product. We are sure to deliver the best quality. Armtech Services install security systems, lighting systems, and automated controls for your home. To our clients who love the entertainment and excitement to other parts of the room, we have made provisions for multi-room audio playing system where you get to listen to different music or same music at the same time in different parts of your home.


Armtech Services is an award-winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Home Enhancement

Armtech Services ensure that the designs for the construction of your building are beautified with facilities that will further enhance it. Our installations & fittings are done by our devoted & well-trained experts. We also work to bring you the best quality of comfort. Armtech services install security systems, lighting systems and automated controls for your home.

Design Consultation

When it comes creative designs, Armtech Services is your best choice. Imagine it, and we make it happen at no extra charge. On the other hand, we listen carefully to every unique detail of our client’s descriptions and bring your imaginations to live with our sophisticated modern technology and experts.


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