Wired cables carry signals that include:

    • Internet
    • Phone Services
    • Audio and Video
    • Home Network
    • Cameras

Wiring Home Or Office also provides power and control to devices like automated shades, Wireless Access Points, and network switches. Without wires, reliable wireless technology would not be possible in the home. Installing low voltage wire, in many ways, is more difficult to install than electrical and high voltage wires. They are very sensitive to kinking, susceptible to EMI (electromagnetic interference), won’t work if poorly terminated, often times are not shielded, and can suffer from grounding issues. That is why we always recommend that qualified technicians, like ourselves, install the various kinds of low voltage wire that every home requires. We pre-wired for home audio, audio video receiver surround sound, home theater, outdoor music, intercom systems, cable tv, satellite, telephone, and computer networking. In addition to the wiring, we terminate and install jacks for phone, computer, satellite, audio/video, and cable.


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