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Armtech Services Inc. specializes in residential and commercial smart home installation, pro theater design and installation, home automation, home networking wiring upgrades and in-home repairs throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.


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Are you looking for amazing smart home Installation. Do you wish to get the latest trending technological solutions for your home? More like 21st century interior look? Armtech Services can give you all that you wish for and that too with perfection and at highly affordable rates. 

Smart Home Installation

We Approach Each Project Individually And With Care

While we offer a number of services that can bring ease to your lives. We strive hard in meeting your needs and exceeding far beyond them. From remotes to touch screens to voice commands. Armtech Services smart home automation keeps you in control.

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From A Partial Makeover To A Full Home Overhaul To Your Taste

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Armtech Services is a one-stop-shop for all your Shades requirements. Armtech offers a wide range of modern, antique and traditional shades in an array of colors and materials.

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Our specialists bring together many components from different manufacturers producing a system that ensures the smooth functioning of your smart home solution. We have gained the trust of leading brands such as Lutron, SAVANT, SONANCE, Sonos, Samsung, Universal Remote Control, Middle Atlantic Products, Screen Innovations and others. In other words, we know where and how to get the best quality product that meets our clients’ requirements.



Our Most Papular Options

Have you decided it’s time to get a smart home? You’re at the right place! Armtech Services is a leading Los Angeles-based smart home installation and automation specialist.

  • Stay at home and feel safe by installing our cameras.
  • Press of a button, view what’s happening at your home
  • Safety and security of your home is number one priority.
  • Our security systems are designed for you.
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  • Create your own scenarios for different times of day.
  • Imagine always being able to control your home.
  • Control all your favorite devices with a single app.
  • Effective and easier way to control your home comfort.
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  • Experience the ultimate home theater experience.
  • Enjoy vivid multi-screen theater experiences at home.
  • Home Theater Solutions that Blend with Your Lifestyle.
  • Featuring stunning 4K image quality.
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