Savant Premium, Smart Home Systems Personalized for the way you Live

Savant Smart Home


Best experience in home automation

The Savant ecosystem creates a home unlike any other by first respecting that
each Savant user is unique and deserving of an experience all their own. Each
member of the family is treated as an individual and granted their own User profile;
Each ‘User’ can personalize their Savant user Interface; Each ‘User’ can make their
own favorite channels, buttons and more.
On top of UI advancements, Savant is pioneering new ground in lighting control,
energy automation & distributed entertainment, offering both a Hi-Res IP-Audio
and lossless 4K IP Video distribution systems. With tens of thousands of Savant
Homes completed, scores of industry awards and accolades and numerous patents,
people from around the world have come to Savant in search of a smart home
tailored just for them

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